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To add another variation, click "Add Variation" and fill in the options in the field on the right.

Constrictors Unlimited- Mike Wilbanks- Egg Variations

If there are 2 variations, combinations are automatically formed below. Take the image below as an example, 9 combinations are formed with 3 colors red, blue, grey and 3 sizes S, M, L :. Please make sure you have filled in the value in this column.

About Infinite Options

Untick the checkbox to change "Unlimited Quantity" : If the variations have unlimited supply, check the box. You can drag and drop the variants in the input field to sort the variants' orders.

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After you update the product, the new sorting will be applied to storefront immediately. So, you could submit seven versions of each object 1 hammer in glyph, 1 hammer in line, 1 hammer in flat, 1 hammer in flat, etc. We will not accept icon sets that use the exact same designs from above and simply place them on top of or inside of a colored or outline shape circle, square, hexagon, etc.

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Please note, you can submit icons on top of or inside of a shape, but that will be considered your one variation. So, you cannot then submit the same icon without the shape.

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  6. Our suggestion is to not submit icons on or in a shape unless the shape is integral to the design. Please note, you do not have to limit yourself to just these four styles.

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    This rule is to cut down on the number of nearly identical icons such as doing a line icon then putting the exact same icon in a circle, a square, and a hexagon, then doing different colors of each shape. These variations do not qualify as different icons, but just a minor decorative change.

    But taking that same drill in a single style, such as line, and doing a green line version, a black line version, a blue line version, then putting the same line icon on a black circle, a green circle, and a blue circle is not ok. Allowing designers to submit unlimited variations of the same icons in this manner clogs up the search results with only the work of a single designer and limits the amount of variety a customer sees.

    Product Variations

    In case of using gradients, there are cases when these gradient variations are not adding value to the icon, especially when the icon is in glyph or outline style. It does not add to the usability of the icon nor to its versatility.

    fr.apeqamitujyk.ga Additionally, gradients are difficult to edit if customers want to change the colors. Many customers would prefer a normal black fill or color fill, where they could easily change the colors. The same applies to outline sets, when uploading in a normal color, users can change that quickly and apply it to the projects they are working on while with gradient that complicates things a bit.