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Woman Arrested After Trespassing at CIA 3 Days in a Row, Asking for 'Agent Penis'

Every now and then a junior journo will discover the penis in the pasta sauce jar story and they orbit towards us, their face beaming, their curiosity burning. And like all tall tales, this one gets longer by the telling. We've walked the corridors of every Hunter courthouse in the six years since and not once have we bumped into The Big Bloke.

The setting wasn't the old workers club or the river or the steelworks or a football stadium.

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It was Newcastle Local Court. A Tuesday.

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Six years ago. We took our usual position in Court 5 just behind the prosecutor. Magistrate Truscott was the beak. He was a big bloke from memory. We couldn't see his face.

He stood right in front of us. The prosecutor to his left. Truscott went through the usual procedures.

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Truscott read them. She frowned. Then he fumbled, "The facts aren't really what occurred. Silence, a shrug, then: "Stupid.

Woman Arrested After Trespassing at CIA 3 Days in a Row, Asking for 'Agent Penis'

The Big Bloke had no shirt on and was doing something with his hands. He spotted the cops and sped off. The Big Bloke was nude except for some loose clothing he'd draped over his lap. It took four officers to handcuff him. The jar was removed. The Big Bloke was placed in a police vehicle.

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Beer was "secured". We got back to the office and recited the yarn to the boss. Several gawkers started sharing their witticisms in the newsroom.

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What would we have asked? How was it?

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The story spread and it was still several hours before it would reach the press. But the question was - what were we to do with the yarn? Published: November 29, The i. It can also detect sexually transmitted infections. We wanted the i. Con for us to be able to deliver is in such a way that were is absolutely no hindrance to the user was our main goal — and I think we have gone above and beyond with the i.

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