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They were scripts passed down from my parents who inherited the same scripts from their parents — thus creating a generational hierarchy of recycled information. The process of self awareness relies on the realisation that no one is at fault. Your parents, guardians or loved ones acted from their current level of awareness. The more we know, the greater the choices we have to live in accordance with a greater image of ourselves. Accepting that many of our habitual daily actions are subconscious poses a challenge in some ways.

Belief is one of them. You must, without doubt have an undeniable belief you can manifest one million dollars with every living cell in your body. Your belief fuels your mind.

It is the ignition switch to manifesting with power and intent. It communicates with the subconscious mind by reprogramming and adjusting your thought landscape toward your desires. Adding emotion to it is akin to lighting the belief with a match — BAM! There was an inner knowing, despite physical evidence to prove otherwise.

The second reason is subconscious programmes. These may also be called subconscious beliefs SB.

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A SB is a reaffirming thought system which your mind accepts as factual. The belief is shaped first and then we look for evidence in our lives to substantiate it — not the other way around. Why would anyone want to believe that money is hard to come by, yet consciously wish to attract a million dollars? That would be self defeating. Sounds easy? The challenge with aligning the subconscious mind SM with your desires is that many of your SB are deeply embedded within the recesses of your mind.

Your beliefs have been archived for storage long ago and are rarely called upon for examination. Only when the library undergoes renovation it is accidentally stumbled upon accumulating dust; since it was never called upon for use. To break the cycle, it is vital to examine all the beliefs connected to the storyline.

Coming Into Fullness of Power

The good news is when examining the outdated belief; they fall away like trees in forest. Once you target the main tree, the other trees feeding off it consequently fall away. Keep it simple and leave the examination aside for now. Your list is a shopping list of sorts if you will. It might look something like this: I want to improve my romantic relationships, I want to have a better relationship with money, I want to remove any fears or obstacles etc.

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This comprehensive eBook features 39 key lessons to help you awaken your highest potential. Once we realize this, then the next big step is finding the path to make these changes. Just as one command brought the order of the universe into existence, another command robs phenomena of their customary effect. Although the powerful attraction exerted by the sun and the earth prevails over a vast space, both bodies are subordinate to His will.

As soon as He gives a little bird the necessary power, the bird is able to resist the pull of the earth and take flight. It is God alone Who keeps them aloft, and in this there is an evident sign of God's power for the people off faith. Whatever phenomenon may be imagined to exist in the world of being finds its needs for sustenance and life met by the Creator.

Therefore, whatever power and capacity is found in the scheme of creation must necessarily go back to the infinite power of God. We know only that You are living and self-subsistent, that You are exempt from eating and sleeping. No mind can perceive You and no eye can see You. But You see all eyes, You know the life span of all things, and You are all-powerful.

Although we have perceived nothing of Your creation, we are astounded by Your power and praise You mightily. That which is hidden from us and our eyes cannot see and our mind and intelligence cannot attain, which is concealed from us by veils of the unseen, is much greater than what we can see..

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When man decides to build something, for example, a hospital, he assembles the necessary tools and pieces of equipment that do not have any essential relationship with each other, and, then, connects them with each other by means of a series of artificial relationships in order to reach his goal.

In order to create such artificial relationships, he makes use of different forces and object that he finds to be already existing. His work and activity are a part of the system of creation; they are not properly speaking creative activity, but only a form of motion that takes place within existing objects.

Divine creation forms a quite different category from the production of artificial relationships between unrelated objects. God originates things with all their properties, forces and energies and characteristics.

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When we say that God is all-powerful, we must be aware that His power relates only to things that are possible. Things that are rationally impossible are entirely outside the sphere of His power, and to use the word "power" or "capacity" in connection with things that are impossible is incorrect and meaningless. Although the power of God is, indeed, unlimited, the receptive capacity of things and their ability to serve as locus for the manifestation of divine power must be taken into consideration.

Kundalini Kriya: Unlock the Unlimited, Infinite Power within you

The implementation of God's will is intertwined with the relations between cause and effect, with the complex network of reasons and causes. In order for a thing to become the object of the divine will, it must not be impossible and must, in its essence, possess receptive capacity; divine will is accomplished by means of the receptivity of things.

It is true that the divine effulgence is infinite and constantly overflowing, but the ground destined to receive it may be defective and unable to absorb the infinite share that superabundant source offers it. The ocean is an immensely abundant source of water, but a tanker has only a limited capacity to take on its water; in fact, only a minute amount of that water can be loaded onto a tanker.

Clearly enough, what is finite and limited in this case is the capacity of the tanker, not the water in the ocean. One whose heart beats with the love of God and flows over with belief in the Creator of all being will never be discouraged lonely and hopeless even in the midst of the most complex difficulties. Whatever deed he undertakes he does so in the consciousness of being in the protective shade of a supreme power that can make him triumph over all difficulties. A man who is aware of God and knows that he enjoys His support can resist and endure all kinds of hardship.

Difficulties are for him like foam on swift vanishing foam on the face of the waters The fire that burns within him becomes ever brighter and he emerges stronger than ever from the crucible of hardship. Throughout the toils he endures, he is comforted and strengthened by God's kindness and favor, and it is this that forms the true motor of his activity. Failure does not block his path and cause him to surrender; instead, with sincere intention and diligent effort, he continues his strivings until final victory. He understands well that his efforts cannot remain fruitless and that victory goes to the deserving.

Whenever He wills, God takes the hand of the fallen and the oppressed who have no refuge other than Him and raises them up to the apex of power. Sometimes, too, He rubs in the dust of humiliation and disaster the noses of the powerful and arrogant oppressors who believe only in violence and the logic of force and treat men as if they were worthless. How many arrogant tyrants have been cast down by disaster in the course of human history, sinking and vanishing in a tempest of shame! The story of God's messengers represents in itself a complete and ideal model of human values. We all know how the messengers stood alone against the oppressive forces of their day in order to guide men to salvation, reform their society, and inculcate lofty values in them.