The Gospel According to McBrolloks - Paradise Lost

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Adam was as hard as a rock, and still sleeping. Eve knew if she woke him up now, he would freak out. Just as this happened, Adam started to wake up, and before he could figure out what was going on, he too had a rapturous orgasm.

Religion: a wretched excursion into a world of illusion and ignorance. (DBS)

Adam had no idea what was happening to him, but he could not move. He was in a total state of ecstasy. As their orgasm winded down, Eve rolled of Adam and lay on her back next to him. Adam was still trying to figure out what had just happened. Eve was totally surprised. Never in a billion years would she have guessed that fucking could be this much fun. Eve had a big grin on her face.

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Adam had a total look of surprise and shock on his face. You are smarter that I thought! She was expecting him to be furious. She could not believe her own eyes or ears. But she was happy to oblige Adam on this one. She told Adam to lie on his back again, which he did right away.

Paradise Lost

She then began to fondle his cock and his balls, like she did earlier. And wha-la!!! Adam got an instant erection. She mounted him again. Adam was grunting with pleasure, and Eve was groaning from ecstasy. They both came again, very hard, and then lay on their backs looking up at the stars and the lovely full moon. They were both smiling from ear to ear. It took them a while to catch their breaths. You were just too stubborn! But now that I think about it, this is what God tried to tell me. God told me that there is no need for us to do this. He was actually against it.

I think he told me never to ever do that. This is great. I think we should do it again! And off they went! They fucked the whole night through. They tried other positions. They even started to invent foreplay, a bit of fondling down there before the big act. This worked well.

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When the sun came up, they were exhausted. They slept in each others arms halfway through the day. When they woke up, they went to get some food. They were ravished from all the fucking. Food had never tasted this good before.

They indulged themselves with the finest fruits Paradise had to offer. Adam was all of a sudden very interested in everything Eve had to say. He also followed her orders down to the last detail. Eve knew right away that all this was totally to her benefit. She even tested Adams servitude by telling him to do menial and stupid things.

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Eve knew she held all the cards. Whenever Adam wanted sex, she would ask him to do something for her. Adam always complied. Eve felt very powerful and she knew she was in charge now. She started making lots of little plans.

She even went as far as to ask Adam to build them a bed. Then they moved the bed into a nice cave. Then Adam had to clean out the cave. Then Adam had to get mud from the river bed, and lay down a nice floor. Then Adam had to plaster the walls with mud. And not just any mud, it was mud from a riverbed that was 6 miles away. Eve liked that color. All this kept Adam very busy. Some nights he was too tired to fuck. She could have sex whenever she wanted. But Adam was a horny bastard.

He worked hard, and he got plenty of fucking in. It was basically the only think Adam could think about all day long. The bump got bigger and bigger every week.

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Eve knew that she was going to have a baby. She had seen it many times in Paradise.

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The animals would have babies and the babies would grow up to be like the parents. This made her even bossier around Adam. Adam had to make their cave really nice now. She wanted only the best for the baby that was on the way. Adam also started to get less and less sex.

This frustrated him very much. He was basically addicted to this new drug, and Eve was not giving him enough of it anymore. Adam was growing grumpier by the day. Eve noticed this, and she made sure Adam would get a bit of sex every now and then. It was amazing. Every time Eve wanted Adam to go and do something else, she would let him fuck her, and off he goes whistling and humming, happy as can be. Eve started to use her pussy like a tool. It worked like a charm.

One day while Adam was out in the forest looking for an old tree branch that he could use to make a bench with. There he bumped into God. God had been away for quite some time. He was busy working on other creations in galaxies far far away. Adam was really surprised when he saw God. Adam was startled, and God noticed this right away.