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The American Book of Days features essays marking important anniversaries and the birthdays of history-making Americans throughout the days of the year including February 29th. Since , this unique record has provided readers with a new and interesting way to research pivotal moments in American history, plus a wide variety of holidays and important people. The fifth edition of this informative title is the first in fifteen years, and is updated with new events and dates that occurred since the year Cross-references, an extensive Index, and a thorough List of Days and Events all make information incredibly easy to find. The American Book of Days is also enhanced with approximately photographs and other illustrations for students and researchers, making this a highly recommended core title for American history and reference collections in school and community libraries. Join Our Mailing List.

Get updates on H. September 11 is obviously now as remarkable a date as, say, March 28 the beginning of the Crimean war, Wars, atrocities and acts of violence naturally loom large in the new book, much larger in fact, as far as I can tell, than in the earlier Chambers, disproving anyone who still believes the Whig interpretation of history.

Not suprisingly, in these annals of human stupidity, telly also now features as worthy of commemoration and comment, from the just-possibly historic first television broadcast made by British prime minister - Anthony Eden April 27 , to the amusingly notable first episode of Dr Who - screened November 23 , to the surely-in-anyone's-estimation-utterly irrelevant the first episode of This is Your Life - July 29 For all its exhaustive pursuit of truth and knowledge, the original Chambers did not stint on the oddities: January 23 may have marked the death of William Pitt , but it also provided an excuse for discussions about ale-tasting.

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Young Chambers finds its own similar conjunctions and amusements. On October 9 , Uganda may have gained its independence, but on the same day in "The first Sumo wrestling tournament to be staged outside Japan began at the Royal Albert Hall, London. The new Chambers tries hard but cannot of course compete with the sheer loveliness of the old book, where the words and illustrations were so tightly packed on the page as to closely resemble the inside of the mind of an Edinburgh polymath: the new Chambers looks like the inside of the mind of an underpaid and not very imaginative graduate in graphic design.

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  • But then all books now look rubbish compared with those published just 50, never mind nearly years ago, and what the book lacks somewhat in quality it more than makes up for in width and breadth: it's good to know the date of the Buddha's birthday April 8 , and that the Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the day of the full moon in the Hindu month of Sravana, which falls in July-August.

    If the Chambers Book of Days does nothing else, it helps to make the everyday vivid and surprising, reminding us that whether we like it or not we have eternity with us all the time. Topics Books.