Superhuman Performance I: Utilizing Your Gifts to Perform at Extraordinary Levels

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Hold your breath for as long as you can.

Warning : Always mind your safety first. Do this at your risk. Are you afraid of going under the water? Then splash some cold water on your face before attempting to hold your breath. Scientific findings show that prolonged breath-holds have no neurological damage according to neurological tests conducted by scientists at the University of Queensland, Australia.

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However, when a person does hold their breath for too long, the amount of CO2 in the body begins to accumulate according to The Science Creative Quarterly. This is the reason why we encourage you to engage in purging to rid the excess CO2 from your body. This is a more practical everyday ability — the ability of speed learning and never forgetting anything.

The quicker you learn, the quicker you can apply your skills to achieve amazing results and improve your entire life. Prepare your mind and your environment. Find a quiet and comfortable place without distractions. Do you have any idea what they are? Song is one of them; therefore, take whatever you are learning and song-ify in your head what you are learning into lyrics as if were to be sung out loud.

Superhuman being, you.

However, learning a song only by memorizing lyrics can be extremely passive so combine it with movements in order to activate other parts of the memorization process. While learning, it is better to take regular breaks every 20—30 minutes to utilize your natural attention span. To make the learning permanent, review it. This should not take more than 2 minutes for every one hour studied. The best way to do this is by using the song, which is your purpose for learning it in the first place. Just summarize the important facts as if you were singing it to yourself by the end of the study period.

For any learning process to be effective, knowing and understanding what is being taught to be applied is important. So to gauge your level of understanding, seek out real-life occasions where this knowledge can be organized, summarized, and explained to another person. Therefore, get off your lazy couch and start exercising daily. As you wake up early in the morning, engage in 10 minutes wake-up run any type of workout that is capable of inducing you to sweat and another 10 minutes of serious meditation Yoga to put yourself in an optimal state for the day ahead.

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You can perform the meditation in a quiet place just by sitting quietly and allowing the stream of positive thoughts flow through your mind. Putting yourself in that thought process will produce energy and help boost your cognition within a short while. You can make it more fun and natural by either going for a run or dancing, but you must break one sweat in that process. This will make you feel good, get fit, get smarter and eventually increase your cognitive functions. Basically, what happens is that intermittent exercise creates stimuli for the brain. If speaking in tongues is the best way to proclaim Christ and build up his church we should 'not forbid speaking in tongues' 21 1 Cor ; but since in all cases, tangible Christ-like love and witnessing of Christ i.

Thirdly, it is necessary to note several biblical distinctions among the spiritual gifts. This point of discernment and the one just mentioned above, can quickly draw us away from the focus of this article and into the complex theological debates alluded to in the introduction. So we will be brief on this point, concisely summarising a helpful study by Poythress In the first place we must carefully define the authoritativeness of each gift-use.

Some people in the past have been gifted by the Spirit to write Scripture, which has an enduring authority much greater than any other form of revelation today 2 Pt But the biblical canon being now closed Rv ; cf. A similar distinction in authority, however, is still true in the church today: Some believers e. While other believers e. There are secondly different processes by which spiritual gift use is motivated.

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Some may feel led by the Spirit to use their spiritual giftedness in a specific way, while other believers may obey the commands of Scripture as a guide for their gift use. Tests for spiritual giftedness. With these definitions and distinctions in mind, it is now possible to outline a concise framework of spiritual gift use for the purpose of church growth. Consider briefly five criteria by which to test genuine spiritual giftedness:.

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If the so-called gift persons claim to possess does not produce evidence within this five-fold framework, then it may be that they are misguided and do not understand what the Bible teaches about spiritual gifts and their appointed purpose of church growth. How should believers use spiritual gifts for church growth? How should Christians use their spiritual giftedness for church growth? This practical question immediately raises the issue of gift identification.

How can each believer in the church identify which gifts to use for the benefit of the whole body?

Superhuman Performance II: Utilizing Your Gifts to Perform at Extraordinary Levels

Much popular material has been produced for identifying spiritual gifts, 24 much of which is simply a modification of secular aptitude tests or personality assessments. The Bible commands us not to quench the Spirit or deny prophecies, but rather to test everything and hold fast to what is good in order to abstain from evil 1 Th So discernment in this area also is both wise and necessary. Identifying the Spirit's presence.

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It is helpful therefore to remind ourselves again that spiritual giftedness is the direct result of the presence and filling of the Holy Spirit in a believer's life. For example the most spiritually-gifted person in the world was Jesus Christ, as publically demonstrated in the Gospels during his earthly ministry.

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In the same way, though to a much lesser extent, the Apostles where also filled with the Holy Spirit as promised by Jesus and they also demonstrated the presence and power of the Spirit in their lives 'by word and deed, by the power of signs and wonders, by the power of the Spirit of God' in their apostolic ministry Rm How should we as believers then use our spiritual giftedness for church growth? As in Jesus' earthly ministry and the ministries of the apostles, we also need the presence and filling of the Holy Spirit. When the Spirit is present in our lives and when he has empowered us for the ministry of church growth, then he will be using our spiritual giftedness to build up the church and glorify Christ.

Therefore when identifying spiritual gifts, we should give direct attention to the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives, just as Scripture highlights how Jesus was filled with the Spirit for his earthly ministry. It is often difficult, however, to physically observe and quantify the presence of the Spirit in our lives. Likewise, it is not possible to use an objective test to determine the subjective spiritual presence of the Spirit. We must rather look for genuine spiritual signs of his presence in one's life, as Jesus taught, 'you will recognize them by their fruits'.

Mt a, This teaching in context was directly applied to false teachers and those who cast out demons, but it can also be applied by implication to test the genuineness of all believers. The Bible gives us at least two such testing criteria, viz. Rather than relying on aptitude tests or personality assessments and the like, it is much safer to encourage the use of biblical criteria to determine the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer.

Many of the spiritual gifts tests available today appear to be better designed to identify the human talents and personal abilities. But the things of the Spirit must be spiritually discerned 1 Cor b; cf. Spiritual giftedness tests. With this caution in mind, consider the three 25 prominent spiritual giftedness tests given to us in Scripture. The first criterion is the test of faith. The Apostle John clearly distinguishes between false spirits and the Spirit of God, between works of darkness and walking in the light, between those who are being deceived and those who are in spiritual relationship with the Truth, between false prophets and those who have been anointed by the Holy Spirit with true spiritual knowledge 1 Jn.

In short, John distinguishes between unbelievers and believers.

Utilizing Your Gifts to Perform at Extraordinary Levels

These distinctions are helpful, because unbelievers are not given spiritual gifts. Even Christians who have discovered certain so-called spiritual gifts may be deceiving themselves. John calls us all to self-examination while also pointing us to Jesus Christ in whom alone we can be blessed with faith and the Spirit's sealing assurance. Without a spiritual life of fellowship with the triune God in Christ by faith 1 Jn ff. The second criterion is the test of fruit. As noted above, the Holy Spirit never does a half-done work.

He always produces both fruit and gifts at the same time.