Politically Incorrect: The Book of Opinions (Individual & Society 3)

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Among the most dangerous New Censors are those found in universities — not only politically over-sensitive students but lecturers wedded to this Left-wing ideology. Such examples show how political correctness has become an obsession in many sections of the metropolitan, liberal Left. A self-appointed priesthood now ruthlessly polices language and behaviour for any signs of heresy that their diktats state are unacceptable.

But far from promoting a tolerant society — which is their proclaimed aim — this bullying brand of identity politics simply creates friction between people, as well as discord and suspicion. Crucially, it silences debate — and free speech is undermined and common sense lost. Transgender campaigners condemn such phrases as inaccurate and offensive.

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Whooping and cheering have also raised concerns. Use of this braided hairstyle by white people is said to represent cultural appropriation. When the designer Marc Jacobs was criticised for using a group of predominantly white models wearing dreadlocks in a show, he argued — not unreasonably — that this was similar to black women straightening their hair. A sexist word according to Cardiff Metropolitan University, which said that it should never be used about adult women, as it is a way of belittling them.

This is apparently a pejorative word and therefore unacceptable when applied to migrants — even to describe those who have, indeed, entered a country illegally. One set of guidelines in the U. Another victim of the cultural appropriation police.

Singer Ellie Goulding was accused of racism after tweeting a picture of herself wearing one. Drag queens were banned from a Gay Pride event in Glasgow in in case they caused offence to transgender people. This refers to anything the hyper-sensitive might find upsetting. This kind of alarmism even extends to classic literature such as F. THE provocative, rump-grinding dance style which singer Miley Cyrus has been accused of culturally appropriating from black musicians. Lily Allen, too, has been criticised for using black women dancers twerking in a pop video — ironic, as she sees herself as a cheerleader for right-on behaviour.

Northamptonshire Police now issues U. Even the most innocent verbal exchange can become a minefield. On the ITV talent show last year, Saara Aalto from Finland was accused of cultural appropriation for dressing in a Japanese kimono and a long wig, like a geisha. A culture is not a dress up costume.



Another victim of the appropriation puritans: in , the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa banned yoga sessions. It is the key policy of many lobby groups in their drive to outlaw language and behaviour they decree insensitive. The ultimate irony is that in the name of tolerance for minorities, all concept of essential and hard-won freedoms enjoyed by the majority are in danger of being lost.

The most important of these losses is, of course, freedom of expression. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Share or comment on this article: A to Z of politically correct madness e-mail Most watched News videos Horrific moment skydiver dies as both parachutes failed to open Shocking moment busy flyover bridge collapses during rush hour Teens brandish 'BB gun' and hammer during attack on year-old Ferrari driver loses control and smashes car in a concrete barrier Bungling thief is hit the face after car break-in backfires Man confronts Starbucks staff after homeless man is asked to leave Couple amazed after converting cramped kitchen into modern space Cancer sufferer and his wife are gifted bizarre dinner on BBC roof Incredible moment hiking family luckily escapes from hungry bear Norwegian Spirit: Passenger describes cruise 'riots' on the BBC 'You're lying': Passengers rebel on Norwegian Spirit cruise liner Flight from hell after drunk passenger throws up on woman's head.

Kant’s Social and Political Philosophy

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Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. This groundbreaking product can give you smoother, plumper skin in just 7 days Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden looks business chic in a grey trousers and blazer as she arrives for the opening of an Arctic exhibition TOWIE's Amber Turner turns heads in a blue tuxedo minidress as she joins a stylish Courtney Green for filming As racial minorities and niches of LGBT communities gain political clout, the amount of identity factors that we are exposed to increases. I view political correctness as an opportunity to connect to a broader range of people.

I do not see it as a restriction. My life experiences have not specifically taught me the struggles of other racial, sexual, and gender minorities. However, I do know respectful language, or PC terms, that members of certain communities ask outsiders to use. In an institution such as Duke, we are surrounded by an extremely diverse population.

Through being politically correct, I can make my words accessible to and respectful of a larger amount of my peers at Duke, instead of solely people with similar life experiences to mine.

Being ignorant to different identities shuts out people from hearing your message, and it dwindles your audience. Many, including Ellen DeGeneres, defended the comedian, arguing that these were old jokes from years ago. The issue was not that society had somehow decided to be offended by Kevin Hart. Rather, Kevin Hart decided in those years to exclude gay people from his audience by making them the target of those jokes. He lost that community as a potential fan base as a direct result of his choice to make homophobic comments.

When I was in middle school, I said plenty of offensive things. I pushed boundaries and ignored political correctness often. But then I grew up. I learned about the experiences of people different me.

The Least Free Place in America

I still make mistakes, but with good intentions I never feel like I have to worry. I understand that it can be difficult to use the correct vocabulary in an academic environment focused on social justice.