Occasionally ... Collected Poems of J.D. Evans

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He is a painter of occurrences: conceived and received. He is a former Fulbright Scholar to Italy. George, among other places. She holds a PhD in creative writing from the University of Denver and has served as a fiction editor for Denver Quarterly, and 3rd Bed, and as an editor-at-large for Encyclopedia Project. Erica Hunt is closely connected to the jazz scene in NYC, where she lives and works, and aside from being a much-admired poet, she is also president of The Twenty-First Century Foundation, which supports organizations that address root causes of social injustice affecting the Black community.

She is married to the jazz musician Marty Ehrlich. TH began to publish on painting in London Magazine in the late s, and was a contributing editor to Artscribe. In he curated the controversial exhibition Narrative Paintings. Since he has contributed articles to the Times Literary Supplement. Hyman was elected a Royal Academician in In July , she completed an installation project as the artist in residence at the Museum of Contemporary of Chicago.

Forthcoming from Displaced Books is revv. Lisa Jarnot is the author of four collections of poetry including the recently published Night Scenes , Flood Editions. She lives in Queens, New York and works as a landscape gardener. Solan Jensen was born in Juneau, Alaska where he now lives. He works in travel and education, dividing his time between Antarctica, Alaska, and the Arctic. Educated in philosophy and biogeography, Solan was drawn to filmmaking naturally.

His current projects include the forthcoming film on the band Califone, co-directed with Joshua Marie Wilkinson, entitled Made a Machine By Describing the Landscape, as well as a documentary on the dominant metaphors for cancer survivorship. Presently a volunteer responder for the Marine Mammal Stranding Network in Alaska, Solan has also worked as a boat builder, radio dj, bricklayer, dishwasher, and shoe salesman.

His love for the films of Guy Maddin is eternal. Ben Johnson is a painter and photographer who graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in His website is www. Saskia Jorda, born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, moved to the United States with her family in She is an interdisciplinary artist working on site-specific installations, drawings and performances.

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Since then, her work has referenced obscure anatomy, the evolution of a second skin, and the body as an alternate artifact. She lives and works in Arizona. Eric Jordan is a musician and sound composer living in Portland, Ore.

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Public-space realizations range from traditional music combos to multi-channel random access experiments. Bhanu Kapil teaches, thinks and writes in her connection to Naropa University, though she lives a little north of Boulder, Colorado, and that is where the writing happens, in waves. There was a giant rabbit head, a bucket of cellophane, and a lot of fake blood. Her work has been exhibited in London and Prague and photographic artwork can also be seen on the covers of Water Damage Corollary Press, and Autobiography of a Cyborg Leroy Press, Recent work is forthcoming in The Encyclopedia Project, Vol.

II F-K which includes images from a current body of work focusing on subtropical spaces rooftops in India , tropical modern forms skies, palm trees and residential housing in Miami and architecture balconies in Brooklyn , part of her upcoming book The Future of Colour. Michelle Kasprzak is a curator, writer, and orator based in Edinburgh.

Sylvia Plath reading her poems 1958

While writing her Thesis, she became more and more interested in the changing forms of curating contemporary art and collaborative strategies. She now freelances at the intersection of graphic design, artistic and curatorial practice in the field of contemporary art — exploring new tendencies in contemporary art production. Miriam lives and works in Vienna. Scott Keen is an artist, interactive designer and professor of art and graphic design located in Virginia. He divides his time between teaching and running his own interactive design firm — envirse.

SeonHyoung Kim works with various media including experimental video, sound, performance, and video installations. She continues to develop her genre called cinematic sculpture with multi-sensory interactive installation and performance. He can be reached at king theaterdance. Andrew Klobucar is originally from Vancouver, and a recent addition to the New York area. He works in social media and literature, publishing both critical and creative work in different digital formats. Fall ,. Brian Koelling lives in Portland Oregon. He is a musician and a 2-D visual artist.

Ars Warholica, a chapbook, is forthcoming from Spork Press.

He holds an M. He runs the multimedia culture site mars poetica and is also currently a guest co-editor of Back Room Live, an online reading series from Life Long Press. He lives in Los Angeles. John Kwok is a photographer, writer and computer programmer now residing in his hometown of New York City. Emmanuel Lambion is an artist, curator, writer and producer. She is influenced by the look of outer space, computer chips, dramatic weather, electric circuits, decay, rock-n-roll glamour, plans and diagrams, b-rate sci-fi control panels, urban environments, fluid turbulence, engineering schematics and architectural drawings.

Langley currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and three children. Please, visit www. Maryrose Larkin lives in Portland, Ore.

Two Poems by William Rowe

Jason Lazarus makes art in chicago, IL. William Lesch has been a working photographic artist for over twenty years. These ladies incorporate music, dance, video, and conceptual costume, and stage design within their shows. The mysterious and unique performances include vintage organs, banjo, violin, guitar, and two lovely harmonizing voices. A family of forest creatures accompanies them, creating a surreal woodland clearing, wherever they go. Broken ballerinas, they shimmy and spin in mylar silver space dresses, or dresses covered in bright plastic flowers, or made of tulle and electric lights, inspired by Tesla and Edison.

They explore duality, faith, social roles, protest, and the pursuit of true freedom and compassion… Lost Lockets are interested in life and death…. He is currently collaborating with the writer and musician Michelle Leona on a silent film about about the history of braille. Leisure Projects Meredith Carruthers and Susannah Wesley is an independent artist-curator initiative that explores the relationship of otherworldliness, fantasy and desire on cultural identity and perceptions of the world.


My Bonhams

Leisure Projects uses the strategies of socially-historic research and the mounting of contemporary visual art exhibitions to create a productive intersection between imaginary narratives and real life events. Luna Trick is the creative brainchild of English multi-Instrumentalist, Daniel Staniforth, recently joined by music partner, Rebsie Fairholm..

Luna Trick offers an array of songs styles ranging from from darkwave, indie rock, electronica, space-funk, to ethereal — which can be heard on three albums: Total Submersion, Hoar Frost Sheen , and Prophetic Guesses Daniel and Rebsie have embarked upon an number future projects, including her forthcoming psyche-folk album, Seven Star Green, on which Daniel plays and produces.

Her work plays with appropriation, fragmenting and reforming pre-existing images to create abstract portraits. See more of her work here. Ariya Martin works from personal narrative and daily life. Recurrent imagery of everyday, mundane items speak to the delicate balance inherent to living. Image, moving image, sound and text exist as distinct elements that at times combine as part of larger installations.

Rachel Maxi is a painter whose work deals with the landscape of contemporary environments. A resident of Seattle, Washington, she has been active in the Northwest art scene for 15 years.

Her paintings have been exhibited at the Seattle and Tacoma Art Museums. You can also find her paintings at Seattle Art Museum Gallery, and online at www. She has taught writing workshops at The Poetry Project at St. He is represented by the Pelavin Gallery in Tribeca. Hunting and Gathering — Capture and Amplify with sound. Sounds from anywhere and everywhere. Gushing waterfalls, storms, throat, skin, heart, massive drums, kids choirs, acoustic instruments, pianos and organs, junk electronics, high tech electronics, garbage, dirt, gold and diamonds.

There are no rules. Any and all sounds are possible conduits to music. There are absolutely no barriers or biases in what can be used. DM bio by Paul Montone. The particular poem he reads here, Holler, can be found Forklift, Ohio Together their works are playful pop interpretations of modern home life and urban environments.

Kohler Collection of British Poetry | The Online Books Page

Inspired by ironies found in art and society. Vince Mistretta is a filmmaker and visual artist who works in Film, Video and Painting. In his paintings he explores the tradition of Arte Povera and Abstract Expressionism influenced by artists like Merz and Rauschenburg. His pictorial interests lie in exposing history by revealing the structural elements and the process of the work. His films deal with the hand manipulation of the celluloid remnant of the early avant-garde materialist and structuralist movements.

He also experiments with a hybrid narrative form and documentary. The themes in his work spread from cultural identity, political activism, and using film language as a way to challenge the concept of the narrative. In he was awarded a fellowship from the Fulbright Foundation to continue his research and documentation of the Women in Black peace network in Rome, Italy.

His debut novella, Oikos, was published by nonpress in He lives in Brooklyn.