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I couldn't figure out how the pieces all went together until all was revealed; the uncertainty kept me reading late in to the night. I loved every minute of it! This is not just a case of "whodunit" but "who-is-it? I kept feeling as if I were missing just one link, one clue, or one piece of the puzzle. Any time I thought I had all the pieces I became aggravated that my theory was wrong, yet thrilled at the same time because it meant the overall picture was even bigger than I originally believed. Only another true mystery lover will understand what I am trying to explain. The author's writing is bright, colorful, and vivid.

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I could easily envision Maddie and Isobel roller skating around the shop in their vintage carhop outfits. Over time I have learned one major lesson: Whenever I open a book by Annette Blair, the real world fades away and I am guaranteed to be highly entertained. She is also psychometric, she gets visions sometimes when she touches clothing. She also has two men in her life, and is trying to choose between the two.

I absolutely love the interplay between Mad and her two men. And also the relationship between Mad and her family. It's charming. I also loved the mystery in this one, there were so many twists and turns it was excellent. While helping to plan her sister's baby shower, vintage clothing boutique owner Madeira Cutler must also solve a murder when Isobel, her new design intern, dies under suspicious circumstances and an imposter arrives at her doorstep later in the evening claiming to be Isobel.

Annette Blair has a very fluent and easy reading writing style I love. Her characters are just human okay, sometimes with a bit of magic , and humorous. If you love vintage clothing yourself, you will love the numerous descriptions of dresses and purses and whatever else goes with that. But if you are not a fashionista, like my self, you will still enjoy this lovely cozy mystery series.

Mystery Science: Lessons for elementary teachers

A great heroine, lovely secondary characters, two hot guys who both want Maddie. No love scenes though, after all, it is a cozy.

There is plenty of romance with Maddie conflicted by her feelings for the two men in her life Annette Blair is a very skilled author, and the story, while complex, comes together nicely at the end. Good for the beach or a lazy day in a hammock. Laura Hinds, myshelf. The best book yet! Being able to read clothes, gives Maddie inside information that she passes on to the detective and FBI agent handling the case. It will take the efforts of Maddie, Nick and Werner to unravel this mystery and save the life of a young woman who Maddie has taken a liking to. This was a fun and enjoyable read that will have you smiling with all that is Madeira Cutler.

One minute mysteries : 65 short mysteries you solve with science!

With truly lovable characters, great dialogue, and glimpse of vintage fashion apparel, this was the best book yet in this enchanting and fabulous series that gets better with time. I literally had to pry my fingers and eyes away to go to bed. Each book in this series is better than the last.

Annette Blair's books are always pure magic! I love the mix of wit, humor, mystery and magic plus the steamy sexiness that sometimes gets thrown in and her writing style flows so smoothly- all of her books that I've read have truly been a pleasure. And the Vintage Magic series- it has everything I love- humor, wit, style, vintage stuff, ghosts, mystery, and sexy men. Personally I'm rooting for Werner but knowing me I'm rooting for the underdog, I always do. In this 4th installment Maddie and Werner have actually been kinda dating, not that she'll admit to that but her and Nick are again in "off" mode.

But of course Nick comes back to town just in time to get involved in another murder case Maddie finds herself in the middle of- again. And the murder victim? This time it's her would be assistant- or is it? The mystery will keep you on toes trying to figure this mix up out. And the visions Maddie gets from the trunk of vintage clothes just add into the mystery of who, what and why?

Readers also will wonder throughout the book who will Maddie choose? Werner or Nick- by the end you'll think you know- but hey things might change again in a future book. I read this so fast I was almost disappointed to realize the book was over- but definitely not disappointed in the book. Blair never disappoints. Her books are fun and light hearted even though the subject matter can sometimes be dark- the writing is superb, colorful and bright making you want more with each page you turn.

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I can't wait for the next vintage magic mystery. July Madeira Cutler receives a dawn delivery, a gown she designed in fashion school for a Broadway Star, now a dear friend. How and at who's hand? Steinbeck actually constructed an amazing wooden box to contain the manuscript, East of Eden. He presented Pascal Covici with the box and the stack of manuscript pages inside. I wonder who has that box today?

Anyway, on the cover of the box, Steinbeck chiseled four Hebrew letters which spell out the word "timshel," a word that loosely translates as "thou mayest;" the word suggests that we as humans, with the consciousness we "achieved" by eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden, can in every moment CHOOSE our behavior; we can choose between good and evil. This is essential in meditation. We watch our thoughts and we step back from them and let them go.

We cultivate "good" or positive thoughts, and we let go of the "bad" or negative thoughts.

Author knows the score when it comes to the mysteries and magic of music

We can, through the power of meditation or mindfulness, become happier people. I am convinced of this more and more. As part of the class, students will be required to take an 8-week mindfulness-based stress reduction workshop, a workshop developed three decades ago by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Thousands of people have taken this workshop across the U. One of those people is one of my students, Allyson Pashko, who is taking my happiness class this semester, her final semester as a psychology major at SUNY.

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Read the amazing letter Allyson wrote a couple of weeks ago, about how the mindfulness exercises have made her a healthier, happier person. It really is rather astonishing! Anyway, back to Steinbeck's books. I have always preferred that second book of Steinbeck's, the Journal about East of Eden, way more than the novel itself I don't love that novel. The project features seven writers committed to completing writing projects by the end of the year.

Sister Mysteries contains within it a novel called Castenata -- a time-travel murder mystery featuring a nun, Sister Renata, who in was falsely accused of murdering her cousin Antonie. Renata's version of the story is contained within her diaries on the Castenata site. News U.

I look forward to adding it to my classroom resources. Thanks again for creating this wonderful addition to science teaching and learning!