HIPAA Compliance Risks that Result in Security Breeches (InfoSec Series Book 2)

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Violation of this policy and its procedures by workforce members may result in corrective disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. Access to Tallyfy systems and application is limited for all users, including but not limited to workforce members, volunteers, business associates, contracted providers, consultants, and any other entity, is allowable only on a minimum necessary basis. Tallyfy does not use paper records for any sensitive information.

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Use of paper for recording and storing sensitive data is against Tallyfy policies. The password-reset email inbox is used to track and store password reset requests. The Security Officer is the owner of this group and modifies membership as needed. This access is only to Customer-specific systems, no other systems in the environment. These connections are setup at customer deployment.

These connections are secured and encrypted and the only method for customers to connect to Tallyfy hosted systems. In the case of data migration, Tallyfy does, on a case by case basis, support customers in importing data. Tallyfy shall audit access and activity of electronic protected health information ePHI applications and systems in order to ensure compliance.

Tallyfy shall make reasonable and good-faith efforts to safeguard information privacy and security through a well-thought-out approach to auditing that is consistent with available resources. It is the policy of Tallyfy to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of applications, systems, and networks. To ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place and effective, Tallyfy shall audit access and activity to detect, report, and guard against:.

Chef and Salt automatically configure all Tallyfy systems according to established and tested policies, and are used as part of our Disaster Recovery plan and process. Tallyfy works with Subcontractors to assure restriction of physical access to systems used as part of the Tallyfy Platform. Physical Access to all of Tallyfy facilities is limited to only those authorized in this policy.

A compliance program is not the same as an information security program

In an effort to safeguard ePHi from unauthorized access, tampering, and theft, access is allowed to areas only to those persons authorized to be in them and with escorts for unauthorized persons. Of note, Tallyfy does not have ready access to ePHI, it provides cloud-based, compliant infrastructure to covered entities and business associates. Tallyfy does not physically house any systems used by its Platform in Tallyfy facilities. Tallyfy implements an information security incident response process to consistently detect, respond, and report incidents, minimize loss and destruction, mitigate the weaknesses that were exploited, and restore information system functionality and business continuity as soon as possible.

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Refer to the linked document for additional copyright information. The Tallyfy incident response process follows the process recommended by SANS , an industry leader in security. Tallyfy employees must report any unauthorized or suspicious activity seen on production systems or associated with related communication systems such as email or Slack. In practice this means keeping an eye out for security events, and letting the Security Officer know about any observed precursors or indications as soon as they are discovered. It is extremely important to take detailed notes during the security incident response process.

This provides that the evidence gathered during the security incident can be used successfully during prosecution, if appropriate. It is recommended all security incidents be reviewed shortly after resolution to determine where response could be improved. Timeframes may extend to one to two weeks post-incident.

Risk Management Framework: Learn from NIST

It is important to note that the processes surrounding security incident response should be periodically reviewed and evaluated for effectiveness. The incident response plan is tested annually. The rule is effective September 24, with full compliance required by February 22, While HIPAA did not require notification when patient protected health information PHI was inappropriately disclosed, covered entities and business associates may have chosen to include notification as part of the mitigation process. The effective implementation for this provision is September 23, pending publication HHS regulations.

In the case of a breach, Tallyfy shall notify all affected Customers. It is the responsibility of the Customers to notify affected individuals. I am writing to you from Tallyfy, Inc. We became aware of this breach on [Insert Date] which occurred on or about [Insert Date]. The breach occurred as follows:. The Tallyfy Contingency Plan establishes procedures to recover Tallyfy following a disruption resulting from a disaster. Example of the types of disasters that would initiate this plan are natural disaster, political disturbances, man made disaster, external human threats, internal malicious activities.

Government & Policy

The following order of succession to ensure that decision-making authority for the Tallyfy Contingency Plan is uninterrupted. If the CTO is unable to function as the overall authority or chooses to delegate this responsibility to a successor, the CEO shall function as that authority.

To provide contact initiation should the contingency plan need to be initiated, please use the contact list below. The following teams have been developed and trained to respond to a contingency event affecting the IT system. Additionally, the CTO and VP Engineering must maintain a local copy of this policy in the event Internet access is not available during a disaster scenario.

At a minimum the Contingency Plan shall be tested annually within days. Contingency Plans for all application systems must be tested at a minimum using the tabletop testing process. However, if the application system Contingency Plan is included in the technical testing of their respective support systems that technical test will satisfy the annual requirement. The exercises include, but are not limited to:. The primary objective of the technical test is to ensure the communication processes and data storage and recovery processes can function at an alternate site to perform the functions and capabilities of the system within the designated requirements.

Technical testing shall include, but is not limited to:. This phase addresses the initial actions taken to detect and assess damage inflicted by a disruption to Tallyfy. This section provides procedures for recovering the application at an alternate site, whereas other efforts are directed to repair damage to the original system and capabilities.

Improve Healthcare Security and HIPAA Compliance: Part 2

The following procedures are for recovering the Tallyfy infrastructure at the alternate site. Procedures are outlined per team required. Each procedure should be executed in the sequence it is presented to maintain efficient operations.


Data Breach Costs and Attacks Continue to Increase in | Corporate Compliance Insights

This section discusses activities necessary for restoring Tallyfy operations at the original or new site. The goal is to restore full operations within 24 hours of a disaster or outage. When the hosted data center at the original or new site has been restored, Tallyfy operations at the alternate site may be transitioned back. The goal is to provide a seamless transition of operations from the alternate site to the computer center. Tallyfy recognizes that media containing ePHI may be reused when appropriate steps are taken to ensure that all stored ePHI has been effectively rendered inaccessible.

Tallyfy utilizes dedicated hardware from Subcontractors.

The Growing Economic Burden of a Data Breach

Tallyfy does not use, own, or manage any mobile devices, SD cards, or tapes that have access to ePHI. In order to preserve the integrity of data that Tallyfy stores, processes, or transmits for Customers, Tallyfy implements strong intrusion detection tools and policies to proactively track and retroactively investigate unauthorized access. Tallyfy currently utilizes OSSEC to track file system integrity, monitor log data, and detect rootkit access.

Tallyfy is proactive about information security and understands that vulnerabilities need to be monitored on an ongoing basis. Tallyfy utilizes Nessus Scanner from Tenable to consistently scan, identify, and address vulnerabilities on our systems. We also utilize OSSEC on all systems, including logs, for file integrity checking and intrusion detection.

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  • Tallyfy takes data integrity very seriously. As stewards and partners of Tallyfy Customers, we strive to assure data is protected from unauthorized access and that it is available when needed. The following policies drive many of our procedures and technical settings in support of the Tallyfy mission of data protection.

    Despite not being a requirement within HIPAA, Tallyfy understand and appreciates the importance of health data retention. Acting as a subcontractor, and at times a business associate, Tallyfy is not directly responsible for health and medical records retention as set forth by each state.

    Despite this, Tallyfy has created and implemented the following policy to make it easier for Tallyfy Customers to support data retention laws. Tallyfy is committed to ensuring all workforce members actively address security and compliance in their roles at Tallyfy. As such, training is imperative to assuring an understanding of current best practices, the different types and sensitivities of data, and the sanctions associated with non-compliance.

    Tallyfy workforce members are to escalate issues using the procedures outlined in the Employee Handbook. Issues that are brought to the Escalation Team are assigned an owner. Tallyfy utilizes a suite of approved software tools for internal use by workforce members. These software tools are either self-hosted, with security managed by Tallyfy, or they are hosted by a Subcontractor with appropriate business associate agreements in place to preserve data integrity.

    Use of other tools requires approval from Tallyfy leadership. Tallyfy makes every effort to assure all 3rd party organizations are compliant and do not compromise the integrity, security, and privacy of Tallyfy or Tallyfy Customer data. Application : An application hosted by Tallyfy, either maintained and created by Tallyfy, or maintained and created by a Customer or Partner.

    Application Level : Controls and security associated with an Application. In the case of PaaS Customers, Tallyfy does not have access to and cannot assure compliance with security standards and policies at the Application Level. Audit : Internal process of reviewing information system access and activity e. An audit may be done as a periodic event, as a result of a patient complaint, or suspicion of employee wrongdoing. Audit Logs : Encrypted records of activity maintained by the system which provide: 1 date and time of activity; 2 origin of activity app ; 3 identification of user doing activity; and 4 data accessed as part of activity.