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About Steve Selbrede. Steve Selbrede. Books by Steve Selbrede. Key: Not ALL "dominating" hands are created equal!

So Beware! So what does all this MEAN?????? If he wins even 1 all-in encounter, he will likely take 2 beat downs to knock out at least. If there is still a shove monkey at my table when I fall under 10 BB, that is the time I begin to seek the "races".

How To beat all in donks

This opens my pp range down to 77 the "mid point" of pp. I will not go LOWER than this though, until I am under 5 BB or in the money , simply because of the higher "certainty" of a race, and the incresed chance of being on the wrong end of pair over pair.

KJ is also starting to look worthwhile, and QJ if suited may well be enough as well. You will likely only get 1 chance at him, since if you LOSE, you will likely be out.

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I have made a couple of minor adjustments to deal with these fools. I am starting to see that a lot of the better players are starting to take this approach and picking the birds piece by piece. No table convo to acknowledge what is going on other than the occasional nh. There is starting to seem to be a little more hand discussion among the better players, ie..

I did this because you did that or I was worried about the flush that kind of stuff. I look at these as a good thing. Discussion about choices and reasons for them provoke thought which in turn makes better poker players. Those that want to learn are starting to benefit from the feeders and those that don't will continue to be used for target practice.

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I love talking about poker. So if you'd like to join the discussion, make sure to hit the comment section below! Hi Thomas, Crush the Donks is scam!!!

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I have sent many e-mail to put right the situation. After 3 weeks no answer to my e-mail. What can I do?